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Ferox has over 45+ years of combined Optical Design experience. From the first LED edge lite exit sign to medical surgical and patient care lighting, to the MILO™ optics system, we have been creating new and better lighting optics for our customers.

MILO Clip On Board


The MILO™ is an extruded near-field optical TIR lens system originally designed around Zhaga LED board standards, and compatible with a wide range of medium powered LED PCB applications. MILO™ comes in several light shaping designs, and snaps into your luminaire providing customers with more beam output options, from their new or existing product line.

Architectural Lighting

For Architectural Luminaires the MILO™ Optics System can be incorporated in many Luminaires with minimal changes to the existing design, but providing serval light control options and higher light output from existing products. Additionally Ferox can generating IES files for a line of fixtures, running room or instillation simulations and reports, designing linear extruded and cast optics, or managing your optic production.

LED T5 Tube Light

Ferox designed and prototyped nearfield optical TIR design to T5 LED tubes.  This provided the tube manufacture with an increase of lumens to the retail space at minimal cost to the product.

Running Light

Along with designing a light breathable vest for runners with water bottles and safety/visibility lighting, Ferox designed the optics for the running light to enhance the runner’s visual acuity and depth perception.  The light for the runner is a bright evenly lite oval that extends from where the runners foot strikes the ground to 15 feet ahead while minimizing glare for oncoming traffic. This redusess contrast blindness and improves the ability for the runner to perceive uneven surfaces in their path, giving the runner a more secure experience.

Medical Lighting

After designing several patient care, examination, and surgical lights, Ferox designed and engineered a new ceiling mounted surgical lighting system. Not only did it provide remote controlled shadow free general surgical lighting, but also a patented deep wound surgical function. This provided a 4” diameter deep wound light to meet industry requirements, but also had color adjustment to enhance the doctor’s ability to discern bleeding in deep wound surgeries.

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