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Joe Mancinelli
Managing Partner

Joseph has 40 years of new product research and design experience in medical, industrial, and consumer products. His expertise extends from new product concept through mass production. Through original design development, Joe has been responsible for creating cutting edge technologies and bringing them to market. Over his 40 years of experience he has brought over 300 products to market. His experience spans industrial design, market analysis, package design, graphic design, human factors analysis, lens and reflector design, international sourcing for production, point of purchase design and conducting industry compliance submissions.


Brad Sagona
Managing Partner

Brad began his professional career in an Executive Office with a focus on Marketing and then was invited to an entirely different industry where he found himself with a choice of learning manufacturing from the office level or choose to begin the learning process on the factory floor. Brad chose the factory floor and has never regretted the choice. Learning literally from the ground up the commercial lighting industry. Brad has always been an inventor at heart. Over the past years Brad has created three commercial products that have gone on to be Patents or Patents Pending. Brad enjoys exploring new innovative ways to solve problems and creating new products.


Michael Mancinelli
Industrial Designer

Michael has been in the Industrial Design and Engineering Consulting world for 15 years. His wide breadth of experience has required wearing many hats including optical/reflector design, schematic capture and PCB layout, component spec'ing, graphic design, and prototyping. The last several years have been heavily concentrated on IoT producs in the Life Safety and Lighting markets.

Wooyeon Cho
Industrial Designer

Wooyeon Cho has worked as an industrial designer for over 25 years. His design experience also includes over 2 years of interior design work in his homeland of South Korea. His expertise encompasses concept generation and development, digital imaging, prototyping and 3D CAD

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